Online Media

Online Media 1.0.1

More than 3,000 free online TV channels and radio stations


  • Huge list of TV channels and radio stations available
  • Bookmark system to save your favorite channels


  • Many channels don't work properly


Most of my friends are replacing their old CTR television sets with brand-new flat screens, but I don't think I'll follow the trend. After all, I can also watch TV on my computer with Online Media.

This simple tool lets you tune in to about 2,000 TV channels and 1,500 radio stations, all streaming content on the Internet. They're all classified by countries and can be conveniently selected by using the tree-like structure on the left pane of the program's interface. A double click on the channel's name is enough to start watching or listening. There's also a bookmark system that lets you easily store your favorite TV and radio channels.

Be aware though that the program is far from being perfect. Many channels simply don't work and some others have such a low speed transference that you get a series of fixed frames in a slideshow instead of real video. However, given the large amount of channels available, you may still find some good content – and what's more important, be able to watch it.

Online Media features a really impressive collection of TV channels and radio stations but unfortunately not all of them seem to work.

Online Media lets you access 2,000 live TV channels and 1,500 online radio stations, and access them from anywhere. See what this program features for you:

  • 3,500 TV and radio channels
  • 200 countries
  • Daily Updates, Full screen, Easy to use
  • No additional hardware required
  • Your own personal favorite list
  • Search function to easily find any channel
  • Program-updates are automatically downloaded

Online Media


Online Media 1.0.1

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